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About The Spirit Speaks

These messages are presented as a free gift to be enjoyed, studied, and contemplated as the Holy Ghost leads you. It is our sincere hope that these messages of Peace, Hope, Grace, Repentance, and Humility will Inspire you to take a closer walk with God. We pray that each of our lives will be enriched as we submit ourselves to the leading of His Spirit, as He speaks.



Under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost, I prepared and presented these sermons primarily over a five-year period of time. Each sermon is a labor of love for Christ and for you; whosoever will. I hope that you will consider them prayerfully, sincerely, and carefully – examining them against the Bible. Each sermon is just the beginning of a deeper study in Scripture and a closer walk with Christ. I present these sermons to you freely and without cost. God bless.

Yours in Christ,
-Dr. Craig Newborn


While the improbable story of Pastor Newborn’s life could fill many pages, we take our confidence in recommending Christ, and Christ alone. The sermons presented here are with permission and may not be modified in any way. Inasmuch as they are freely given, please let none yield the temptation to make a gain for self. It is our sincere desire that each of us will meet our Lord in peace. May the Author and Finisher of our faith keep us in His grace.

-The Spirit Speaks   '_'