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Prove All Things

Author: Craig Newborn
Duration: 1:01:47
Daily Submission leads into all Truth - this sermon highlights the wisdom of Paul’s counsel to the Thessalonians to: “prove all things.” It reveals how blind acceptance of conventional thinking, and or any doctrine regarding a Biblical point, can be hazardous to our spiritual health. Only humble, independent study of the Scriptures as led by the Holy Spirit, and in the context of one's personal relationship with Christ, will yield Truth and remove error. Humility precedes Understanding. -|- SHA1 Message Hash: [3467198d08d18870cb3ee9159b278b109c07af3d]

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I learned many new things in this sermon about Isreal and about myself. Thank you for this ministry. There is a famine in the land for the word of God. You are providing holy bread. Thank you!

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