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A Deep Sleep

Author: Craig Newborn
Duration: 00:58:55
The DEEP SLEEP into which Adam fell gives us an indication of how profoundly asleep we can become and still be alive. However, The DEEP SLEEP gets even deeper. This sermon explores various Bible stories of resurrection. -|- SHA1 Message Hash: [c89604b7e8ecce1aa4a21ef618c61aa23108d10e]

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Only God knows the new life that has been sparked in me through this sermon. My soul has been awakened from a deep sleep. Oh that I live this fresh new life to His name and glory! I have heard and studied most of your sermons, not once, but many times listening to them over and over again. Each time I learn something new. I thought I had listened to all of your sermons, but I was wrong. This is the first time I listened to "A Deep Sleep," I have talked to the Lord concerning this particular topic as you recommended at the end of each presentation. He has spoken to me in ways He has never done before. I could not hold back the tears. My eyes have been opened to certain issues and my mind and heart have received what the Spirit has revealed. I must now engage in its study. I sense there is more inspiration I need to draw from it. Thank you sir for allowing Him to flow through you and to me. Eddy

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